Dan Harris @Baresark_Artist

Dan created the ‘Lou Scannon’ universe as part of his BA (Hons) Animation degree from Glamorgan University.

In addition to being a talented writer & illustrator, Dan is also a tattoo artist and co-runs the “Distinctive Tattoo” studio based in Trefforest, South Wales. His published comic book work includes contributing artwork and colours to the “10thology” graphic novel published for the Cardiff Comic Con 2011.

After several years of good natured prodding, Dan is the co-writer and penciller for ‘Lou Scannon’ ongoing from issue #2.

Dan also maintains a blog of his art and general musings at:


Kris Carter @Drivaaar

Kris has previously worked in newspaper pre-press and graphic design before tackling digital comic book colouring professionally.

A big fan of Dan’s ‘Lou Scannon’ universe, he badgered Dan to make a comic of it for years, until he decided to light a fire under Dan’s arse by writing and drawing the bulk of issue #1 himself. It worked.

Kris’ published comic book colouring work includes numerous Transformers and Doctor Who titles, Torchwood, TMNT and Wynonna Earp.

Kris is the co-writer, colourist and letterer for ‘Lou Scannon’, and he’s also the poor sucker who has to layout and assemble the comic in InDesign.


Jim Bampfield @Jimbob1978

Jim graduated from Glamorgan University with a BA(Hons) in Animation alongside Dan. Jim has also been a part of the ‘Lou Scannon’ universe from its inception, assisting Dan in the original animation project, lending his voice to the MAL Function character, and singing off-key for the theme music.

A talented writer, illustrator and voice-over artist, Jim has been involved in several animation and short film projects. He’s also a whizzkid in the cut-throat world of vehicle finance.

Jim is the co-writer, back-up strip artist and assistant shader for ‘Lou Scannon’ ongoing from issue #2.


HdE is a man of mystery. He has a face – no-one knows what it looks like. He has a voice – yet no-one hears him. He letters comics like a mad bastard – but that is all that is known. In many ways, he’s like our own little Stig.

HdE is the letterer for ‘Lou Scannon’ ongoing from issue #5.

Our Valued Contributors

Gavin Mitchell @bobgoblynn

Artist on fellow Welsh independant comics “Stiffs” and “The Pride”, Gavin is based in England but we won’t hold that against him. Forming one half of the spectacular Harris/Mitchell bromance forged over the fires of numerous Monkey Island in-jokes, Gavin has provided the variant cover to issue #2, Dyme A Dozen, and the original cover to issue #3, One Previous Owner.

Gavin ‘Evo’ Evans

Dan’s partner in crime at Treforest’s Distinctive Tattoo studio, the soft-spoken but surprisingly lethal Mr Evans has provided the delightful issue #1 variant covers. He’s alright, butt.

Chris Phillips

Another fellow Glamorgan University alumni, Chris has been forging his own path in independant comics with his “Candleman” and “Moose” titles. His variant cover for issue #3 showcases his distinctively chunky art-styles, and like the rest of Team Scannon, a love of in-jokes.

Neil “Ned” Alexander

This enigmatic young fella-me-lad is the talented variant cover artist for issue 4, and he’s a rude, crude but hilarious dude to bot. Check his stuff (and his own brilliant Good Guys comic) here:

Rob Jackson

Rob is far too good at digital art. That’s why we plucked him from video-game land, and forced him at knife-point to do our issue 5 variant cover.

Huw -J-

The man behind the Garth revival, and a walking definition of the Jack-Of-All-Trades, Huw drew the sweet wraparound cover for issue 6. Check his work here!

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