For millenia, the Union oversaw the galaxy until it was usurped by the Galactic Coalition Police Force. The unrest caused by this upheaval is a fertile breeding ground for space pirates and mercenaries…

Lou Scannon is one such pirate. A GCPF soldier turned space mercenary (it says so on his business cards), Lou travels around in the starship “Raging Hormone”, his pride and joy. His crew-mates are an eclectic mix of disturbingly sexy pilots, grouchy engineers, genetically modified gunners and a werewolf bodyguard – and we don’t mean a bodyguard enlisted to protect Lou from werewolves…

This being sci-fi, Lou has a robot too. Obviously.

Doing their best to make a buck in this dangerous life, Lou and his crew work hard to avoid (or piss off) the GCPF, and try and be a force for good while indulging in some borderline illegal activity. Hey, no-one said it would be easy. In the midst of all this adventure-teer…ing, Lou is also on a quest to find out more about his past, of which he knows very little. He has an obscure medallion that he was found with as an orphaned child… and that’s about it.

Little does Lou know that his search for answers (and a good steak) will take him down a path of discovery that’ll have ramifications for the entire galaxy… but we’re not telling you all that here.

Come along for the ride with the crew of the “‘Hormone”… we guarantee you’ll enjoy it!

‘Lou Scannon’ was created by Dan Harris as an animated short film project in 2001, and Dan spent the next few years creating the mythology and history of the world. Dan’s buddy Kris Carter then came along and developed the project further into a fleshed out comic book format, forgetting or just plain ignoring Dan’s hard work. Realising that writing can be done using less words if there’s more of you, Dan and Kris roped in college buddy and car finance guru Jim Bampfield to help write funny stuff. And so it goes…

You have been warned. Or at least vaguely informed.

©2018 Jim Bampfield, Kris Carter, Dan Harris. All rights reserved. Email us at atticstudioscomics@gmail.com