Lou Scannon at London Super Comic Con 2014 – THE definitive report, most likely.

March 18th, 2014 No Comments

Team Scannon hadn’t attended the London Super Comic Con before, and that’s something we can no longer say without being called big fat liars.


Kris drove Dan and Jim up to London in the comically small and over-packed car on the Friday, taking the scenic M25 route around London to get the venue, rather than facing the traffic insanity and congestion charges of driving through the center.

We’d stopped at Reading and used the facilities there, but Dan’s bladder is about the size of a deluxe thimble, and he’d thoughtfully decided to drink vast amounts of Pepsi Max before the journey, so he was absolutely busting for a wazz while we were still about 15 miles shy of the Excel. This was the cue for Kris and Jim to ceaselessly mock him, and try and make him laugh as hard as possible. As funny as this was, it soon became apparent to Kris that Dan was seriously struggling, so out of sincere concern for the upholstery, a quick stop was made before the venue was arrived at.

The set-up was fairly swift, and the parking at the Excel sorted out. The organisation of the event was really top-notch, and the Team left the venue for the hotel at about 7pm. The hotel certainly placed a roof over our heads, and that’s about the best that could be said about it. As a plus the Stiffs/Pride guys were in the next room, which couldn’t have been good news for them. After a sleepless night of droning snoring from all of Team Scannon, Saturday was up and running.

Scannon book sales were reasonable, print sales were good, the atmosphere was great. Not overcrowded, not empty, the focus was comics and comics alone, and the vibe of the event was really fantastic. Great to catch up with fellow small pressers, pros, publishers and punters alike, everyone seemed to really enjoy the event. Saturday was spent in the lovely company of Moon’s Steve Penfold, Stiffs PJ Montgomery , Pride’s Joe Glass, and excellent illustrator Ana Catris.





Sunday was perhaps a little slower than expected, and marred slightly by a revised small-press table breakdown time (essentially being told to pack up and ship out with 8 minutes notice – bit shitty…), but all told the weekend ran smoothly.

Exhausted but happy, Team Scannon headed out of the Excel and straight to the nearest KFC, and then back to the Land Of Song, satisfied with a wicked weekend.




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