London Film & Comic Con 2013

July 8th, 2013 No Comments

Team Scannon hit the London convention circuit for the first time this weekend, at the London Film & Comic Con in Earls Court 2!

Kris and Dan left Cardiff for London on the Friday, ready for the preview evening. Took 2 hours to travel up to London. and a further hour farting about the one-way system trying to find the car park. But once that was all sorted – we wandered in to the huge venue, past a brilliant Ecto 1A, and headed to set up or table!


Actually no. We couldn’t find our table.

Then it became apparant we didn’t HAVE a table.

A few quick convos later, and the mix-up was all sorted out, and we set up our space. The preview evening was very slow on the sales front but we got to say hello to a few peeps, and have a chat with Dan (from the wonderful Moon comic), and chatted with the nice chaps who run the Fantasy World comic sat next to us.


Evening over with Dan and Kris headed to places of drinking/sleeping in North London and East London respectively. Kris was especially excited to get to use the Tube, on account of him being a sad trainspottery-type nerd.

Saturday morning rolls around, and Dan and Kris both arrived at about 8:45 looking bleary-eyed and knackered before the event had even begun. We spent a mortgage payment on a roll, coffee and a panini, and then began the day!

Morning was slow, but the end of the day we’d shifted all of our stock of issues 1 and 3, and 2 was dwindling! That was nice. The badges were also wiped out. Dan and Kris both got to fart about with some Aliens-style replica pulse rifles.



Dan alos got the dubious privilage of hearing Star War’s legend Kenny Baker empty his bowels in the cubicle next to him. In the meantime Kris managed to get a brilliant Lou Scannon sketch of Transformers legend Geoff Senior as well.


Saturday evening was spent in a variety of venues and places, allowing Kris to get some cheesy touristy type panorma’s of the Thames and Big Ben. What a noob.

Sunday started with a similar case of bleary-eyed pain, and a really unexpected but welcome show of support and advice from writer/film-make/stunt-man/jack-of-all-trades Huw J.

Again, the morning was slower –  as was the whole day, as we ended up selling approx half of what we sold on Saturday. Dan used the spare time to get more pics of the Aliens merch and hold more pulse rifles, and also managed to nab genre legend Ralph Brown’s autograph for Team Scannon! Kris meanwhile managed to Al Matthews (Sgt APone from Aliens!) to record a special message for Dan, telling him to “secure his shit”! Which was cool.


Dan and Kris both bought cushions, which isn’t as gay as it sounds, although it does mean we can now both sit on Indiana Jones’ face, which maybe is as gay as it sounds.

We ended Sunday having sold almost a hundred books, and need to restock all of them bar issue 4. Not bad going!

We left London in nano-seconds compared to getting in, as usual. Highlight of the return journey included passing a broken down KITT on the M4, and stopping for the KFC Meal That Kris Couldn’s Speak To Order at Membury services.

Somewhat hilariously, the escalator at the services was out of order. Dan and Kris watched on with much amusement as people would simply stand, waiting and confused at the bottom, unaware that they could actully use the escalator as, y’know… stairs. And people fell up it, tripped up it, tripped off it. Ludicrous.

So – all in all, a solid convention, and a good weekend!

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