Lou Scannon on TV! More reviews! Upcoming appearances!

October 7th, 2012 No Comments

Hey Scannonites.

Kris attended the Wales Comic Con in Wrexham recently, and amidst scaring 6-year old children with the cover for issue 2, and going all fanboy in front of the Red Dwarf cast, he also managed to get filmed slightly for S4C! That’s the Welsh version of channel 4 don’tchaknow.  Lou managed to make it on screen for about a nano-second, followed by another nano-second of one of Kris’ Red Dwarf sketches (that he later sold – get in!).

Anyways, here’s a link to the video – apologies for the audio, but unless you’re fluent in Welsh, you wouldn’t understand it anyway.

Issue 4 also got reviewed again on Down The Tubes – click here for another nice review of the book!

The next convention the Scannon Crew are attending will be the one-day Cardiff Comic Con mini event on November 4th, and following that we’ll also be at Leeds for the Thought Bubble convention, 16th – 18th November. Feel free to swing by and say hi!

It’s also worth noting that we’re down to our last 20 or so copies of issue 1 and 3, so if you want to grab any of these editions, then swing on by our Issues section and dive on in. Christmas is approaching… just sayin’.

Oh, and we’re accepting any and all letter submissions for issue 5, if you so fancy. Click the link up there, near the graphic of Lou. Go on.


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