Re-Elect Mayor Goldie Wilson! Uh, we mean, LOU SCANNON!

March 28th, 2012 No Comments

The 2012 Eagle Awards are fast approaching, and voting ends for all the nominations on Monday April 2nd. Which is less than a week away!

‘Lou Scannon’ is up for ‘Favourite British Black & White Comic’, and we’d really appreciate your vote here:

But we’re not just going to blindly ask you to vote for something without knowing what it is you’re voting for! Now we know a lot of you have read the books already, but if you’re on the fence, then feast your optical bits upon the 6-page previews for issues 1,2 & 3 below, and if you like what you see then chuck a vote our way. And if you fancy picking up an issue, then by all means do!

Thanks for your support so far everyone – please help us take Lou even higher!

Onto the previews (click to download PDF, approx 1MB):

Issue 1 – The Wolfman Of Astrotraz Lou Scannon #1 – 6 page preview

Issue 2 – Dyme A Dozen Lou Scannon #2 – 6 page preview

Issue 3 – One Previous Owner  Lou Scannon #3 – 6 page preview


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