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End of Year Update! Sorry. It’s been a while…

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Okay, look, we’ve been a bit lax in updating this place, we admit it. Real life has got us by the short and curlies, but we will try and do better! Promise. So, to that end, let’s recap a bit, shall we?

Biggest news first – we got issue 7 DONE! Whoop whoop! It comes in a choice of TWO covers:

COVER3_PREVIEW_WEB   Lou-Scannon-Cover-Penfold_WEBJust let us know which cover you want in the buyer’s instruction via Paypal. Issue 7 has also been reviewed here and here – so check ’em out!

We also attended lots of conventions over October, November and December, and got to speak to loads of loyal Scannonites – you’re all very lovely people, you really are. Special mention must go out to Sarah for actually cosplaying as Lou at the Cardiff Min-con! Tremendous stuff! Look at that! We were well chuffed to see our first Scannon cosplayer.

So, have a great holiday season everyone, and next year we’ll try and get issue 8 out ASAP, and hopefully some other exciting bits and bobs….

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