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Workshops and Other Stuff!

January 27th, 2013 No Comments

Hello Lounatics!

Thought we’d give you a nice little update.

Dan is over halfway through the arty-bollocks for issue 5, and Jim and Kris are gearing up for an intense February colouring-fest to get the book ready for the Cardiff International Comic Expo on March 2nd. Can we do it in time? Of course we can! We hope! Oh shit! I’m actually cacking myself in fear of trying to complete the book. But hey! It’ll get done. Probably. Eep.

Also, we could REALLY use your readers letters for issue 5. Submit ’em here!

Backtracking from issue 5, we also have the new reprint cover of issue 4 – this will be used on the next print-run in a month or two. Art by the delightful Neil!

And finally, Team Scannon blistered their way across the pages of the Argus newspaper in Cardiff, as Dan and Kris braved the snow to help take part in a comic production workshop and Q&A, hosted by Cardiff Library. Working alongside legendary artist Mike Collins, and almost-legendary-give-him-a-few-years Joe Glass, the event was fun and informative!

Article team photo by KIRSTY WINSKILL, that’s who!

That’s it for now!

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