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Re-Elect Mayor Goldie Wilson! Uh, we mean, LOU SCANNON!

March 28th, 2012 No Comments

The 2012 Eagle Awards are fast approaching, and voting ends for all the nominations on Monday April 2nd. Which is less than a week away!

‘Lou Scannon’ is up for ‘Favourite British Black & White Comic’, and we’d really appreciate your vote here:

But we’re not just going to blindly ask you to vote for something without knowing what it is you’re voting for! Now we know a lot of you have read the books already, but if you’re on the fence, then feast your optical bits upon the 6-page previews for issues 1,2 & 3 below, and if you like what you see then chuck a vote our way. And if you fancy picking up an issue, then by all means do!

Thanks for your support so far everyone – please help us take Lou even higher!

Onto the previews (click to download PDF, approx 1MB):

Issue 1 – The Wolfman Of Astrotraz Lou Scannon #1 – 6 page preview

Issue 2 – Dyme A Dozen Lou Scannon #2 – 6 page preview

Issue 3 – One Previous Owner  Lou Scannon #3 – 6 page preview


Lou Scannon #4 – Progress So Far!

March 28th, 2012 No Comments

Hey Lounatics. You’ve probably read issue 3 by now. And if not, why not?! But if you have, hopefully you’re gagging for issue 4. Well, you’re in luck sunshine, ‘cos Dan, Jim and Kris are hard at work bringing that puppy to life as we speak!

We’ve had lengthy script meetings, that have generated some serious, thought-provoking moments..

… and we’ve worked hard to inject the comedy into the script too.

As it stands we’re a few days away from finalising the script, and we’ve started preliminary thumbnails for the issue, and seriously re-watched ‘Aliens’ and ‘Predator’ for uh… research. Yes… let’s say research. Dan will be seriously jumping on the art at some point in April, and with a prevailing wind we’ll have the issue all done and printed by end of June/start of July, or thereabouts.

In other words, there’s still time enough to pre-order this bad boy. Trust us – you’re not going to want to miss this little corker!

Issue 3 Variant Cover Revealed!

March 14th, 2012 No Comments

The original print run of issue 3 is pretty much sold out, with literally two or three copies remaining. As per usual, we’ve got a new cover lined up for the next print run, this time provided by Chris Phillips (with colours by Kris Carter), another indie comic artist who runs the ‘Candleman’ and ‘The Moose’ comics – see his site here. This won’t see print for another week or two, but in the meantime feast your eyes upon this bad-ass new cover for issue 3.

And don’t forget, we’re still coveting your votes for the Eagle Awards 2012 here. Help us o’loyal readership! Spread the word!

Issue 3, 2nd printing cover by Chris Phillips

Issue 3, 2nd printing cover by Chris Phillips, colours by Kris Carter

Lou Scannon and The Eagle Awards 2012

March 1st, 2012 No Comments

On January 1st 2012 the nominations round for the Eagle Awards 2012 opened with people free to put forward their ideas of who deserved what awards within the comics industry this year. We were lucky enough to be nominated in a few different categories:

Dan Harris for best penciller

Kris Carter for best colourist

Lou Scannon for best British black and white comic

Now, the Eagle awards started back in 1976 and is the comics industry’s longest established awards so of course, to even be considered by anyone for nomination in the first place was a great honour for us!

Now the round of nominations has finished and it comes down to the actual voting process and amazingly Lou Scannon has made it through to be nominated alongside such industry giants as “Commando” and “Viz”!!

There is a lot of talent out there so to get this far is amazing and we thank every single person who has helped us to get here. I’m actually close to quoting the speech Wayne gives in the communist bar in “Wayne’s World 2” just to emphasise how happy we are.

A big thank you once more to all of you and for those of you who may not have known about the Eagle Awards or may have known about them but not that we had been nominated, you can go and vote here:

You don’t have much time though! Voting started today and ends on April 2nd so much love to those of you who do vote!

The Lou Scannon Creative Crew – Dan

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