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Ever wondered how Lou took ownership of the starship ‘Raging Hormone‘? Ever wanted to know who taught Lou to be such a bad-ass space mercenary? And have you ever yearned to know what in-built catering facilities MAL-Function has? The answers to these q’s and more can be found in Lou Scannon #3 – One Previous Owner!

22 pages of hard-hitting drama and gut busting comedy, topped with acres of bonus content. Making Of’s, Fact Files, Back-Up Strips, Development Sketches, pictures of Dan and Kris looking smug… it’s all here, baby.

Hit this link, or head to our Issues section and grab yerself a copy for a mere £3 today! You will almost certainly not regret it, probably!

Lou Scannon lands in Cardiff

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February 25th, 2012 and BEWSH, Team Scannon land at the Holland Mercure Hotel in Cardiff,  just in time for the Cardiff International Comic & Animation Expo. We busted our butts to get issue 3 ready in time for the convention, and we cut it as fine as we dared, picking up the issues from the post depot on Friday evening. Eep.

Team Scannon - Assemble!Saturday got off to a cracking start – by early afternoon we’d sold more copies of the books than we did all weekend at Leeds, and sales almost equalled our Leeds weekend totals on Sunday as well. Very, very surprising, but also incredibly gratifying! We dented our stock of #2 and #3 quite heavily, and totally sold out our issue 1 stock – fantastic stuff!


Despite a few mishaps that we’ll not go into detail over, the weekend was a corker overall, a chance to catch up with other fellow creative friends, and generally have a bit of a laugh.

Shilling our wares...


Response to the comic has been wonderfully positive so far, and now it’s time to start the legwork on issue 4 – which can be pre-ordered from our Issues section!

We’re Still Kicking

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We hope everyone has had a fantastic Christmas and New Year! Sorry for the lack of updates – we’ve been too busy beavering away at Lou Scannon #3, and preparing an overhaul of the site ready for unveiling later in February! By the way, Lou Scannon has been Eagle award nominated, as have Dan Harris for best penciller, and Kris Carter for best colourist, so your votes would be mucho appreciated! Back to Lou, issues 1 & 2 are still available, and we now have Gavin Mitchell’s stunning variant cover for issue 2 in stock. Gavin is also providing the cover for issue 3! Speaking of issue 3, this little flashback tale is about two weeks from completion, and we’re hoping to debut this issue at the Cardiff Comic Con at the end of February! Keep ’em peeled! Another update (and a revamped site!) soon!

The Lou Scannon Creative Crew

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