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August 2nd, 2011 No Comments

Issue #1 of Lou Scannon has been on sale now for just over a month, and over half the first print run is sold! Thanks to everyone who’s bought a copy so far, we really hope you enjoyed it! One reader in particular certainly did – Trystan Mitchell (who’s site can be found here) has worked up some excellent fan art of Lou, which you can see in it’s glory to the left. We’re planning to include this in print at some point too – thanks again Trystan! The comic also had some nice press courtesy of Down The Tubes.

Fan Art by Trystan Mitchell

comics blog, always nice to get a plug!

In other news, Lou Scannon #1 will be on sale at Auto Assembly 2011 in Birmingham this month, on the 13th & 14th of August! Kris will also be selling Transformers prints and sketches, and signing stuff too, if that floats yer boat. A few months later, half or more of the Scannon Creative Crew will be flogging the remaining copies of issue #1 at the Thought Bubble Sequential Art Festival in Leeds. More details on that closer to time, and we’ll have some other goodies lined up before that too, including some sneak peeks of issue 2 and some other odds and sods. Stay tuned people….

The Lou Scannon Creative Crew

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