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All Issues So Far Reviewed By ‘A Place To Hang Your Cape’

August 13th, 2013 No Comments

Yes indeed – the five issues of Scannon available to date (see HERE) have all been reviewed by the exceedingly beautiful chaps at A Place to Hang Your Cape. Did they like it? Did they hate it? We ain’t telling! Read on people –>

The ‘Raging Hormone’ lands in Lichfield!

November 9th, 2012 No Comments

Yep – Lou Scannon has hit the Midlands! The book is now on sale at ‘Computers & Comics’ (!

Somewhat embarrasingly, as we write this post they’ve already just about sold out. But more copies will be on their way soon!

Also – Computers and Comics have also reviewed books 1 thru 4 as well! Check that out here –


Lou Scannon now IN STOCK in Cardiff at Fish 4 Comics & Forbidden Planet!

October 7th, 2012 No Comments

Yep, you read rightly. Issues 1 through 4 are all now available and in-stock at Fish 4 Comics in Cardiff (just off the Gabalfa roundabout) and also at Forbidden Planet Cardiff (opposite the castle). Just thought we’d let you know!


September 20th, 2012 No Comments

With Issue 4 due back from the printers literally ANY SECOND NOW, we thought it’d be a good time to pull together some recent reviews of the books!

First of all, we’ve a review of issues 1 thru 4 at Fanboy Comics. Fair to say it’s not our most glowing review, but it is fairly positive.

Next up, again reviewing all issues to date, is Geek Syndicate. Happy to say we fared somewhat better here!

And last but certainly not least, Comics Anonymous have perused issue 4 and given it the once over – and thankfully it has not been found wanting!

Previews to Issues 1, 2 and 3 added, plus a Brill Sketch!

July 31st, 2012 No Comments

Hey people! If you’ve not yet taken a punt on the comic, and would like to see what sort of bang you’ll get for yer buck, we’ve now added a 6 page preview of every comic currently available – just head on over to the Issues page, and a preview PDF is downloadable for issues 1, 2 & 3. Have a goosey!

Also, 2000AD artist Mike Collins whipped us up a fantastic Lou Scannon sketch – Thanks Mike!

A brief update on issue 4 – we’re running a wee bit behind due to some pesky real-life issues, but we’re gunning to try and get this sucker into your grubby little hands by the end of August. Scouts honour.

Also, Kris will be a guest at the Auto Assembly 2012 Transformers Convention this weekend (Aug 3, 4 & 5) on account of him having worked on Transformers over the years, and he’ll be a-sketching and have Scannon issues 1 thru 3 for sale  (along with a preview of 4 so far if anyone’s interested), so feel free to harass him there. More info on AA2012 can be found here.


A Small Update…

May 2nd, 2012 No Comments

Bit of a general update for all you Lounatics out there! Issue 4 is now thoroughly under way, and once we’ve a few more completed pages done, we’ll try and post up some decent previews…

In preparation for Bristol Comic Con on May 12th, we’ve got new printings of issues 2 and 3 readied, and also a new printing of issue 1 with a final variant cover by Gavin “Evo” Evans!

Dan and Kris (and hopefully superstar Obi-Wan Kenobi lookalike cover artist Gav Mitchell) will be attending the Eagle Awards at the MCM Expo at the end of May. They’ll be there drinking to Lou Scannon’s ‘Favourite British Black and White Comic’ nomination! Wish us luck!


And don’t forget, while we’re beavering away on issue 4 ready for July, you can still order Issue 3 right on this very site, or you can still grab copies in person at Orbital Comics in London ( and at Fish 4 Comics in Cardiff (


Re-Elect Mayor Goldie Wilson! Uh, we mean, LOU SCANNON!

March 28th, 2012 No Comments

The 2012 Eagle Awards are fast approaching, and voting ends for all the nominations on Monday April 2nd. Which is less than a week away!

‘Lou Scannon’ is up for ‘Favourite British Black & White Comic’, and we’d really appreciate your vote here:

But we’re not just going to blindly ask you to vote for something without knowing what it is you’re voting for! Now we know a lot of you have read the books already, but if you’re on the fence, then feast your optical bits upon the 6-page previews for issues 1,2 & 3 below, and if you like what you see then chuck a vote our way. And if you fancy picking up an issue, then by all means do!

Thanks for your support so far everyone – please help us take Lou even higher!

Onto the previews (click to download PDF, approx 1MB):

Issue 1 – The Wolfman Of Astrotraz Lou Scannon #1 – 6 page preview

Issue 2 – Dyme A Dozen Lou Scannon #2 – 6 page preview

Issue 3 – One Previous Owner  Lou Scannon #3 – 6 page preview


Issue 3 Variant Cover Revealed!

March 14th, 2012 No Comments

The original print run of issue 3 is pretty much sold out, with literally two or three copies remaining. As per usual, we’ve got a new cover lined up for the next print run, this time provided by Chris Phillips (with colours by Kris Carter), another indie comic artist who runs the ‘Candleman’ and ‘The Moose’ comics – see his site here. This won’t see print for another week or two, but in the meantime feast your eyes upon this bad-ass new cover for issue 3.

And don’t forget, we’re still coveting your votes for the Eagle Awards 2012 here. Help us o’loyal readership! Spread the word!

Issue 3, 2nd printing cover by Chris Phillips

Issue 3, 2nd printing cover by Chris Phillips, colours by Kris Carter

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