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Druids, Suspects, and Thought Bubbles.

November 18th, 2015 No Comments

Hey Lounatics

Dan claims to have written the long awaited issue 8 now, which is nice, so you can now pre-order this delicious little bastard here!

ALSO – This! This is the reason issue 8 is delayed! Go here, and support the fan-freakin’tastic DRUID INVESTIGATIONS! Because the sooner we can get this funded and out the door, the sooner we can chain Harris to his desk and get him to draw issue 8! Plus, you’ll get a legit brilliant, funny, spooky, awesome comic book from the warped mind of the creator of Lou Scannon no less. So, yeah, get on that, and GET SOME. BEWSH. Come back here after you’ve pledged, and read the rest of the news.

Done? Watched? Laughed? Pledged? Good. We’ll know if you’re lying.

So, as a show of good faith, here’s the regular cover for issue 8, drawn by Dan, and coloured by Kris, and probably taken down by a Cease & Desist very soon. We also have a variant cover available for you to see, drawn by… sorry? We can’t tell them yet? Well that’s a bit shit. Why not? It’s not drawn yet? For fuck’s sake. Well can we tell them who’s drawing it, just for somethi- no? Not even that? Gah.


We’ll post it soonish. Promise. It’ll be brilliant, by someone equally brilliant.



In the meantime, HUGE THANKS to everyone who came by our table to say hi at Thought Bubble 2015, and even more thanks to anyone who picked up an issue or seven there. You’re wonderful.

So, while you’re enduring the wait for Druid Investigations to hit your doormat, and for issue 8 to rear it’s handsome head, why not pluck up the gumption to send a letter praising/abusing us to Lou Scannon’s Bulging Sack! Do your WORST, buying public!

We love you guys. Thanks for your patience. We’re going to reward the FUCK out of it, toot sweet.

Team Scannon

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