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All Issues So Far Reviewed By ‘A Place To Hang Your Cape’

August 13th, 2013 No Comments

Yes indeed – the five issues of Scannon available to date (see HERE) have all been reviewed by the exceedingly beautiful chaps at A Place to Hang Your Cape. Did they like it? Did they hate it? We ain’t telling! Read on people –>

Issue 5 officially OUT NOW – Issue 6 officially YOU CAN BUY IT NOW BUT NOT GET IT FOR A FEW MONTHS

March 7th, 2013 No Comments

So yeah, as you may have read, we launched the almighty fuck out of issue 5 ‘Fad Deity’ at the Cardiff Con, and now dear reader you can grab it from our Issues section! And what’s more, you can now pre-order issue 6 which will be landing in about four months time! And you can order Neil Alexander’s wicked issue 4 variant cover! This is clearly too exciting, and I can’t breathe! *gasps*

Workshops and Other Stuff!

January 27th, 2013 No Comments

Hello Lounatics!

Thought we’d give you a nice little update.

Dan is over halfway through the arty-bollocks for issue 5, and Jim and Kris are gearing up for an intense February colouring-fest to get the book ready for the Cardiff International Comic Expo on March 2nd. Can we do it in time? Of course we can! We hope! Oh shit! I’m actually cacking myself in fear of trying to complete the book. But hey! It’ll get done. Probably. Eep.

Also, we could REALLY use your readers letters for issue 5. Submit ’em here!

Backtracking from issue 5, we also have the new reprint cover of issue 4 – this will be used on the next print-run in a month or two. Art by the delightful Neil!

And finally, Team Scannon blistered their way across the pages of the Argus newspaper in Cardiff, as Dan and Kris braved the snow to help take part in a comic production workshop and Q&A, hosted by Cardiff Library. Working alongside legendary artist Mike Collins, and almost-legendary-give-him-a-few-years Joe Glass, the event was fun and informative!

Article team photo by KIRSTY WINSKILL, that’s who!

That’s it for now!

The ‘Raging Hormone’ lands in Lichfield!

November 9th, 2012 No Comments

Yep – Lou Scannon has hit the Midlands! The book is now on sale at ‘Computers & Comics’ (!

Somewhat embarrasingly, as we write this post they’ve already just about sold out. But more copies will be on their way soon!

Also – Computers and Comics have also reviewed books 1 thru 4 as well! Check that out here –


Lou Scannon now IN STOCK in Cardiff at Fish 4 Comics & Forbidden Planet!

October 7th, 2012 No Comments

Yep, you read rightly. Issues 1 through 4 are all now available and in-stock at Fish 4 Comics in Cardiff (just off the Gabalfa roundabout) and also at Forbidden Planet Cardiff (opposite the castle). Just thought we’d let you know!

Lou Scannon on TV! More reviews! Upcoming appearances!

October 7th, 2012 No Comments

Hey Scannonites.

Kris attended the Wales Comic Con in Wrexham recently, and amidst scaring 6-year old children with the cover for issue 2, and going all fanboy in front of the Red Dwarf cast, he also managed to get filmed slightly for S4C! That’s the Welsh version of channel 4 don’tchaknow.  Lou managed to make it on screen for about a nano-second, followed by another nano-second of one of Kris’ Red Dwarf sketches (that he later sold – get in!).

Anyways, here’s a link to the video – apologies for the audio, but unless you’re fluent in Welsh, you wouldn’t understand it anyway.

Issue 4 also got reviewed again on Down The Tubes – click here for another nice review of the book!

The next convention the Scannon Crew are attending will be the one-day Cardiff Comic Con mini event on November 4th, and following that we’ll also be at Leeds for the Thought Bubble convention, 16th – 18th November. Feel free to swing by and say hi!

It’s also worth noting that we’re down to our last 20 or so copies of issue 1 and 3, so if you want to grab any of these editions, then swing on by our Issues section and dive on in. Christmas is approaching… just sayin’.

Oh, and we’re accepting any and all letter submissions for issue 5, if you so fancy. Click the link up there, near the graphic of Lou. Go on.



September 20th, 2012 No Comments

With Issue 4 due back from the printers literally ANY SECOND NOW, we thought it’d be a good time to pull together some recent reviews of the books!

First of all, we’ve a review of issues 1 thru 4 at Fanboy Comics. Fair to say it’s not our most glowing review, but it is fairly positive.

Next up, again reviewing all issues to date, is Geek Syndicate. Happy to say we fared somewhat better here!

And last but certainly not least, Comics Anonymous have perused issue 4 and given it the once over – and thankfully it has not been found wanting!

Lots of News! Ish!

September 11th, 2012 No Comments

Well the big news is that issue 4 is DONE. Finished. Dusted. Put to bed. It’s currently at the printers, and we hope to have it back within a week or so. We’ll send out the pre-orders first, and following that the issue will be still be available to buy here, and soon at Fish 4 Comics and Forbidden Planet (both in Cardiff), and also at Orbital Comics in London. We’ll also have  issue 4 for sale at various conventions – namely the Wales Con in Wrexham on Sept 23rd, the Cardiff one day event on Nov 4th, and Thought Bubble in Leeds.

Still on the fence about picking up issue 4? Here’s a free 6-page preview to download… Have a look at what your hard-earned will get you! 32 pages, including 22 pages of story plus Making Of’s, Fact Files, Letters pages and all manner of general excellence!

Lou Scannon #4 – 6 page preview

With issue 4 out of the way, our focus now turns to issue 5 – Fad Deity! This bad boy can now be pre-ordered from our Issues section, so get in early to guarantee your copy that’ll have this cover…

More news on issue 5 as it happens!

Issue 5!!

Art by Dan Harris, Colours by Kris Carter

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