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Druids, Suspects, and Thought Bubbles.

November 18th, 2015 No Comments

Hey Lounatics

Dan claims to have written the long awaited issue 8 now, which is nice, so you can now pre-order this delicious little bastard here!

ALSO – This! This is the reason issue 8 is delayed! Go here, and support the fan-freakin’tastic DRUID INVESTIGATIONS! Because the sooner we can get this funded and out the door, the sooner we can chain Harris to his desk and get him to draw issue 8! Plus, you’ll get a legit brilliant, funny, spooky, awesome comic book from the warped mind of the creator of Lou Scannon no less. So, yeah, get on that, and GET SOME. BEWSH. Come back here after you’ve pledged, and read the rest of the news.

Done? Watched? Laughed? Pledged? Good. We’ll know if you’re lying.

So, as a show of good faith, here’s the regular cover for issue 8, drawn by Dan, and coloured by Kris, and probably taken down by a Cease & Desist very soon. We also have a variant cover available for you to see, drawn by… sorry? We can’t tell them yet? Well that’s a bit shit. Why not? It’s not drawn yet? For fuck’s sake. Well can we tell them who’s drawing it, just for somethi- no? Not even that? Gah.


We’ll post it soonish. Promise. It’ll be brilliant, by someone equally brilliant.



In the meantime, HUGE THANKS to everyone who came by our table to say hi at Thought Bubble 2015, and even more thanks to anyone who picked up an issue or seven there. You’re wonderful.

So, while you’re enduring the wait for Druid Investigations to hit your doormat, and for issue 8 to rear it’s handsome head, why not pluck up the gumption to send a letter praising/abusing us to Lou Scannon’s Bulging Sack! Do your WORST, buying public!

We love you guys. Thanks for your patience. We’re going to reward the FUCK out of it, toot sweet.

Team Scannon


May 8th, 2015 No Comments


Sorry we’ve been a bit quiet. We’ve been busy. And not on Scannon unfortunately…. Sorry. We’ll sort that. Promise.

BUT! If you’d like to berate us in person for our Scannon laziness, here’s where you can find us!

First up – MCM London


May 22 – 24, 2015, Excel Arena, Royal Victoria Dock, London

Secondly – CICE 2015


CICE 2015

June 27th, 2015 – Cardiff Masonic Hall, Cardiff

So, come seek us out!

End of Year Update! Sorry. It’s been a while…

December 22nd, 2014 No Comments

Okay, look, we’ve been a bit lax in updating this place, we admit it. Real life has got us by the short and curlies, but we will try and do better! Promise. So, to that end, let’s recap a bit, shall we?

Biggest news first – we got issue 7 DONE! Whoop whoop! It comes in a choice of TWO covers:

COVER3_PREVIEW_WEB   Lou-Scannon-Cover-Penfold_WEBJust let us know which cover you want in the buyer’s instruction via Paypal. Issue 7 has also been reviewed here and here – so check ’em out!

We also attended lots of conventions over October, November and December, and got to speak to loads of loyal Scannonites – you’re all very lovely people, you really are. Special mention must go out to Sarah for actually cosplaying as Lou at the Cardiff Min-con! Tremendous stuff! Look at that! We were well chuffed to see our first Scannon cosplayer.

So, have a great holiday season everyone, and next year we’ll try and get issue 8 out ASAP, and hopefully some other exciting bits and bobs….

Lou Scannon at London Super Comic Con 2014 – THE definitive report, most likely.

March 18th, 2014 No Comments

Team Scannon hadn’t attended the London Super Comic Con before, and that’s something we can no longer say without being called big fat liars.


Kris drove Dan and Jim up to London in the comically small and over-packed car on the Friday, taking the scenic M25 route around London to get the venue, rather than facing the traffic insanity and congestion charges of driving through the center.

We’d stopped at Reading and used the facilities there, but Dan’s bladder is about the size of a deluxe thimble, and he’d thoughtfully decided to drink vast amounts of Pepsi Max before the journey, so he was absolutely busting for a wazz while we were still about 15 miles shy of the Excel. This was the cue for Kris and Jim to ceaselessly mock him, and try and make him laugh as hard as possible. As funny as this was, it soon became apparent to Kris that Dan was seriously struggling, so out of sincere concern for the upholstery, a quick stop was made before the venue was arrived at.

The set-up was fairly swift, and the parking at the Excel sorted out. The organisation of the event was really top-notch, and the Team left the venue for the hotel at about 7pm. The hotel certainly placed a roof over our heads, and that’s about the best that could be said about it. As a plus the Stiffs/Pride guys were in the next room, which couldn’t have been good news for them. After a sleepless night of droning snoring from all of Team Scannon, Saturday was up and running.

Scannon book sales were reasonable, print sales were good, the atmosphere was great. Not overcrowded, not empty, the focus was comics and comics alone, and the vibe of the event was really fantastic. Great to catch up with fellow small pressers, pros, publishers and punters alike, everyone seemed to really enjoy the event. Saturday was spent in the lovely company of Moon’s Steve Penfold, Stiffs PJ Montgomery , Pride’s Joe Glass, and excellent illustrator Ana Catris.





Sunday was perhaps a little slower than expected, and marred slightly by a revised small-press table breakdown time (essentially being told to pack up and ship out with 8 minutes notice – bit shitty…), but all told the weekend ran smoothly.

Exhausted but happy, Team Scannon headed out of the Excel and straight to the nearest KFC, and then back to the Land Of Song, satisfied with a wicked weekend.




Late 2013 Appearances – Updated! BEWSH.

August 13th, 2013 No Comments

Want to know where you can meet, greet, and tweak the teat of Team Scannon in the latter half of 2013? Of course you do.

August 31st / Sept 1st – Home territory as we attend the Cardiff Comic-Con at the Motorpoint Arena. Event details at

October 26th – 27thMCM London Comic Con. Team Scannon head to the Big Smoke to get intimidated by the dirty pigeons. They love a bit of it.

November 23rd – 24th – We’re Leeds-bound for Thought Bubble. Team Scannon have somewhat belatedly scored a table at this seminal con, and I’ve just realised the dates mean we’ll miss the broadcast of the Doctor Who 50th show. Nards.

As an added bonus, we’re likely to have issue 6 ready for at least one of these cons! Probably!

London Film & Comic Con 2013

July 8th, 2013 No Comments

Team Scannon hit the London convention circuit for the first time this weekend, at the London Film & Comic Con in Earls Court 2!

Kris and Dan left Cardiff for London on the Friday, ready for the preview evening. Took 2 hours to travel up to London. and a further hour farting about the one-way system trying to find the car park. But once that was all sorted – we wandered in to the huge venue, past a brilliant Ecto 1A, and headed to set up or table!


Actually no. We couldn’t find our table.

Then it became apparant we didn’t HAVE a table.

A few quick convos later, and the mix-up was all sorted out, and we set up our space. The preview evening was very slow on the sales front but we got to say hello to a few peeps, and have a chat with Dan (from the wonderful Moon comic), and chatted with the nice chaps who run the Fantasy World comic sat next to us.


Evening over with Dan and Kris headed to places of drinking/sleeping in North London and East London respectively. Kris was especially excited to get to use the Tube, on account of him being a sad trainspottery-type nerd.

Saturday morning rolls around, and Dan and Kris both arrived at about 8:45 looking bleary-eyed and knackered before the event had even begun. We spent a mortgage payment on a roll, coffee and a panini, and then began the day!

Morning was slow, but the end of the day we’d shifted all of our stock of issues 1 and 3, and 2 was dwindling! That was nice. The badges were also wiped out. Dan and Kris both got to fart about with some Aliens-style replica pulse rifles.



Dan alos got the dubious privilage of hearing Star War’s legend Kenny Baker empty his bowels in the cubicle next to him. In the meantime Kris managed to get a brilliant Lou Scannon sketch of Transformers legend Geoff Senior as well.


Saturday evening was spent in a variety of venues and places, allowing Kris to get some cheesy touristy type panorma’s of the Thames and Big Ben. What a noob.

Sunday started with a similar case of bleary-eyed pain, and a really unexpected but welcome show of support and advice from writer/film-make/stunt-man/jack-of-all-trades Huw J.

Again, the morning was slower –  as was the whole day, as we ended up selling approx half of what we sold on Saturday. Dan used the spare time to get more pics of the Aliens merch and hold more pulse rifles, and also managed to nab genre legend Ralph Brown’s autograph for Team Scannon! Kris meanwhile managed to Al Matthews (Sgt APone from Aliens!) to record a special message for Dan, telling him to “secure his shit”! Which was cool.


Dan and Kris both bought cushions, which isn’t as gay as it sounds, although it does mean we can now both sit on Indiana Jones’ face, which maybe is as gay as it sounds.

We ended Sunday having sold almost a hundred books, and need to restock all of them bar issue 4. Not bad going!

We left London in nano-seconds compared to getting in, as usual. Highlight of the return journey included passing a broken down KITT on the M4, and stopping for the KFC Meal That Kris Couldn’s Speak To Order at Membury services.

Somewhat hilariously, the escalator at the services was out of order. Dan and Kris watched on with much amusement as people would simply stand, waiting and confused at the bottom, unaware that they could actully use the escalator as, y’know… stairs. And people fell up it, tripped up it, tripped off it. Ludicrous.

So – all in all, a solid convention, and a good weekend!

Don’t forget pre-order Issue 6 NOW!



Workshops and Other Stuff!

January 27th, 2013 No Comments

Hello Lounatics!

Thought we’d give you a nice little update.

Dan is over halfway through the arty-bollocks for issue 5, and Jim and Kris are gearing up for an intense February colouring-fest to get the book ready for the Cardiff International Comic Expo on March 2nd. Can we do it in time? Of course we can! We hope! Oh shit! I’m actually cacking myself in fear of trying to complete the book. But hey! It’ll get done. Probably. Eep.

Also, we could REALLY use your readers letters for issue 5. Submit ’em here!

Backtracking from issue 5, we also have the new reprint cover of issue 4 – this will be used on the next print-run in a month or two. Art by the delightful Neil!

And finally, Team Scannon blistered their way across the pages of the Argus newspaper in Cardiff, as Dan and Kris braved the snow to help take part in a comic production workshop and Q&A, hosted by Cardiff Library. Working alongside legendary artist Mike Collins, and almost-legendary-give-him-a-few-years Joe Glass, the event was fun and informative!

Article team photo by KIRSTY WINSKILL, that’s who!

That’s it for now!

Cardiff Comic Expo November 2012 round-up

November 9th, 2012 No Comments

Team Scannon showed up at the one-day event at the Mercure Hotel in Cardiff on Sunday 4th Nov to shill their wares, and a good day was had by all! We had the chance to meet many of the current Lou readership (thanks for the kudos everyone!), and get some new readers on-board too! We came away with just a few books left of issues 1 and 3, so we’ll be getting more printed of those ready for Thought Bubble. The Cardiff Expo was a brilliant event, smoothly run, with great guests, exhibitors and attendees all around. We’ve already signed up for the next one in March 2013!


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